These Past Few Years

by Wimbledon Alley

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I basically got 3 days off of work in a row and wrote these 3 songs in that time.


released June 1, 2017

Album art by Ben Drake.



all rights reserved


Wimbledon Alley Saint Cloud, Minnesota

I'm just some guy trying to make it in the music community any way i can. I love what I do and would love making a living out of it.

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Track Name: Gravity
The fear of leaving stops me dead in my tracks
My search for meaning puts a weight on my back
Let's turn the page to find the thing that I lack
Turns out I'm nothing but a framed train-wreck

Find my composure just to lose it again
My fragile frame just getting tossed to the side
Always asking to tell me when
My choice was made when you didn't care that my dream died

Tracing the pavement where I use to lie
The rooftop I came from piercing the sky
I'm sorry you have to see me this way
It's my fault for my chances that day

Calm back down , take a step back now
We're on the edge of who knows where or how
Forever feeling like falling down
Gravity don't fail me now
Track Name: No Matter How Much Time Has Passed, It's Still All I Think About
Turn the lights off
I never wanna see this place again
Just let me know and I'll jump when you say when

I'm on the sidewalk
Of the place that I grew up in but never left
I'm just stuck living in the same old mess

Take me , take me now
I'm just begging, begging to let go
But the more I think about it , the stronger my grip gets
Break me, break me down
I'll never get out , just get out of my head.

What if I could
Put in the effort to fix the mess I'm in
Pacing myself
Trying to maintain the only thing I know

The sinking feeling in my chest won't go

I'm never getting through this
These thoughts are ever constant
Was it something I missed
It's now a foreign concept

Still scarred with my past problems
My thoughts are ruined daily
Too bad I still can't stop them
You ruin my life daily
Track Name: Nothing Like Home (feat. Brick)
Break my mind into a thousand pieces
Make me numb until the madness ceases

Tear out the floorboards, break out the matches
Burn this place down and bury the hatchet
This place was never my home, don't make me stay
its getting harder to be on my own.

Take this road you thought you'd never walk on
On my own is how I'll keep on walking
You only made matters worse,
You made me feel like the worst
What's a family to you
What's a family at all

You'd think it's something we all want to have
The closeness and warmth of a good healthy home
You never cared at all
Watched me take the fall
While thinking you were right all along

The creaks in these old floors
Sound like crashing airplanes
The room starts to shake and my hands are like earthquakes
And I don't sleep anymore
There's a constant war outside my bedroom door

The sounds they haunt me
Dragging me back,
To the place where I thought we
Could just get along,
to the place where you think I belong.
You always said I was wrong,
Why can't we just get along.