by Wimbledon Alley

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This album came to being over a lot of anger/frustration/angst, whatever you wanna call it, that came from the events of this year after the release of Tennis Match.

I know it's kind of the polar opposite of that, but being diverse is a goal I've had with this solo project, so I hope that both my current friends and fans enjoy this song as well as bring new people around to my music.


released November 11, 2016

Shout outs to everyone and everything that pushed me into writing this, cause its a banger.

Around the time I started seriously writing this album, I got some really nice help and feedback from this kid I literally just met on Twitter, names Ryan.
He actually gave me feedback and wrote the riff at 0:25 off the title track "Self". Huge props to him and his writing, check him out when he releases his own music -

I've constantly been bugging my friend Matt about mix and writing critiques with this since I know he'd enjoy it and have good feedback for me. He's ALSO on the title track with some sick vocals for me. Check out his band The Letter 6, they just released a new album and even I'm on it!

I also can't forget about my boys in Pulses. They've also been giving me tons of feedback and support, as well as their drummer, Kevin, creating the album art for me. They write some sick post-hardcore kind of stuff as well and sound a lot like Dance Gavin Dance, if you're into that sort of thing.



all rights reserved


Wimbledon Alley Saint Cloud, Minnesota

I'm just some guy trying to make it in the music community any way i can. I love what I do and would love making a living out of it.

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Track Name: I - Introduction
Come one come all to the bottom of this hole
Just take your time, things will be fine.
Take a look and see, what it means
See your Self.

This is who I am a fuckin mess, a selfish nervous wreck
I'm writing all these words so I can free the noose around my neck
Afraid of who I am cause I've been torn and apart and ripped to shreds
I'll never be alright, cause I'm always wishin I was dead.

Take the time to analyze the time you spent and all the lies
Trying to make the people see, you're not like me, you'll never be.
Take it on yourself to never think of me
Don't even try.
I wish I knew to ask for help
I'm working on my Self
Track Name: II - Self (ft. Matt Burridge)
Im so sick of how I feel
When I'm sitting alone in my room
I can't take this anymore
One more night hoping you'll be here soon

Make this end I'm begging you
I just cant seem to stay off the floor
Scream for help it's all I do
But nobody cares anymore

Pacing back and forth and constantly
Doubting my worth I'm nothing I'm nothing.
This constant headache won't leave me alone
At this rate I'll never find home
Never find
I'm stuck stuck stuck in this state of mind
Never reaching the end

Let's take it from the top,
a nervous wreck, I'll never stop
Breaking and taking my will till there's nothing left
But it wasn't enough for you
Knife between the eyes
I hope the same gets done to you too
I'll never amount to anything
Ill write these words that I'll never get the fucking chance to sing
Maybe you could see that
I was the one at the end of your gun .

Sick of myself
Tired of my self
Live with myself
Hating myself

All by myself
Left by myself
Stuck with myself
Die by myself

I feel myself end in the same spot every night, I'm sick of this, right?
When will this end, it all depends
Im no longer healing, it's so unappealing
I feel like never get rid of this feeling, I'm
Track Name: IV - Reflection
Left all alone, where have you gone?
I'm all alone
I knew for a while that it was your time
'But ll never accept the signs
The things you gave me I'll never forget
Engraved in my head, you didn't leave a single regret.

Gone, feel no more pain.
nothing left for you to gain.
While your heart remains, with me.

I'll keep you in my memory,
The love you gave to me
It's all I'll ever see
Every single thought of you stays with me

This is just how the world works
And I fucking hate it

All of the time I spent hating myself
I never took the time to analyze the damage I did to my health.
I never cared what fucking happened to me
I'd rather die than live my life feeling obsolete.

Ill tell it to you now otherwise I never will,
That this is how I feel, I'll never get my fill.
Ever since I was a kid, I had these thoughts of myself.
Getting older never helped, my problems grew alongside me.

I'm saying this out loud otherwise I never will,
That this is how I've felt, I'll never be well.
Damn I need some help, I keep on losing myself.
It seems like everything I fear is just l in my head.

Lower and lower I'll take these thoughts to my grave.
Higher and higher the stress kills me